About Our Pickles & Peppers

For more than 60 years, Mrs. Klein's Pickle Co. has been making pickles and pickle products with the crunchy snap and tangy taste of home, what we call "the Klein's crunch." Our Arizona location produces the freshest cucumbers and peppers and other ingredients available, selected from nearby growing fields year round, so they never lose quality through transportation or warehousing.

Our pickle recipes have been handed down over four generations producing consistent top-quality products in refrigerated and shelf-stable varieties. Mrs. Klein's pickles are available in popular cuts and packaging to save labor cost and reduce waste. Mrs. Klein's also has the resources to custom pack the pickle/relish recipe that meets your own requirements. Now more than ever it's time to think Mrs. Klein's when it comes to your pickle and pepper needs.


Refrigerated Kosher Pickles

Mrs. Klein's kosher dill pickles meets the dietary laws and requirements to be certified as "kosher." These refrigerated dills are cured with garlic which has come to mean they are also a "kosher style" pickle. Cold, crisp and loaded with flavor, our refrigerated kosher dill pickles deliver the ideal color and extra crunch customers associate with quality as well as a hearty taste they'll remember.
  • Made from whole cucumbers packed in the pail with garlic and spices, in brine then immediately refrigerated.
  • Never cooked or pasteurized.
  • Fresh, colorful appearance adds eye appeal to plate presentations.
  • Boost perceived menu value with an "upscale" product.
    • Available as whole kosher dills, spears, crinkle-cut chips and slabs.
  • Extra large, large and medium whole dills.


Shelf Stable Dill Pickles

There's nothing like the spicy tang and snappy crunch of a classic dill pickle to complement a sandwich, burger or deli salad.
  • Vat-cured with natural salt fermentation and spices to deliver big dill flavor.
  • Shelf stable. convenient, and easy to inventory and store.
  • True dill flavor to bring out the best in your sandwiches and burgers.
  • Homemade eye appeal with economical plate coverage.
  • Available as whole dills, spears, cross-cut and smooth cut chips and single-serve packages.

How to Order

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